Designed to Ignite Inspiration

A design studio in Doylestown needed flexible, inspiring offices for a staff of eight. The starting point was a bland space consisting
of three empty rooms and one chopped up hallway. 

Not a lot to work with

The budget was small and the timeframe short. From that we needed to conjure highly functional spaces that felt modern and inspiring. Plus, we had to deliver on the design studio’s professional aesthetic — clean and timeless with a vintage-industrial accent.

A little can go a very long way

Bold color choices and a balanced mix of high- and low-end furnishings brought interest to the drab space — quickly and inexpensively.  One of our clients adored a peacock blue that made the conference room walls pop. That sparked the rest of the refreshing, modern palette. Pairing brand-spanking new furnishings (desks, bookcases, upholstered pieces) with sweet vintage scores (art deco and farmhouse light fixtures, a salvaged barn door) allowed us to get serious mileage from the modest budget. Finally, light-filtering roman shades in linen cut glare, added texture, and offered privacy. And the awkward hallway? It was transformed into a high-functioning space focused on storage and now provides a smart transition from offices to kitchenette.


Owners, staff, friends, and clients all enjoy the space now, finding it both comfortable and practical, as well as an apt reflection of the studio’s industry and unique aesthetic.